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1. What is the Stay Home KC order?
Clay and Ray County and many other areas across Kansas City have issued a Stay Home Order requiring people to stay at home except for essential needs, beginning March 24 and going through at least April 25. The purpose of this order is to make it clear to everyone in Clay and Ray County that staying home and preventing the spread of germs is the best way to make sure fewer people get sick. Also, staying at home slows down how quickly the disease spreads and keeps our health care systems and workers from being overwhelmed with patients all at once. When our health care workers are given more time, they are able to do better and save more lives.

2. Why is the Stay Home KC order important?
We have seen how rapidly this virus can spread through communities and the impact it could have on our most vulnerable populations and our metro-wide health system. As this situation has evolved over the last few weeks, we have taken measured steps to slow the spread of this virus in our community.

We need and appreciate the continued commitment of our residents, businesses and community partners to help in our community’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by implementing the rules of this order immediately.

While the Stay Home KC order may feel alarming, it is a necessary step to slow a worsening situation. With the continued spread of the virus around the world, and in our own state, we must make every effort to maximize social distancing and restrict people gathering. This is the best way to fight the virus, save lives and flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm our health systems and health care providers.

3. Where does this apply?
The orders set forth by Clay and Ray County Public apply to all people and businesses within their jurisdiction. This jurisdiction includes everything within the borders of Clay County, Missouri excluding the city of Kansas City, Missouri. However, the city of Kansas City has implemented similar orders, in addition to other areas in the Kansas City region. Ray County’s jurisdiction includes all areas within the borders of the County.

4. How long do we need to stay at home?
The Clay County order went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and is currently set to last through 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, 2020.

The Ray County order went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and is currently set to last through 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday April 25, 2020.

5. Is this mandatory or just a recommendation? What are the penalties for not complying?
This is mandatory and you are required to comply unless you or your business are classified as an exception. It is considered a misdemeanor crime to not follow the orders and you may be subject to a fine. However, we hope that everyone will see the value and importance of the orders and do their duty to the community willingly. It is critical for everyone to follow the new orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect themselves, their loved ones, friends, neighbors and the whole community.

6. What if I need medical help? Can I still go to the doctor?
You are still able to get your health needs addressed. Contact your health care provider to see if they are providing regular services. Some services, especially elective procedures or regular appointments may be postponed or canceled.
If you are feeling sick, please first call your doctor, a nurse hotline or an urgent care center. Do not go to the emergency room of a hospital unless you are having an actual emergency. In the case of COVID-19, if you believe you may have the disease, please call your medical provider first and only go to the hospital if you are having difficulty breathing.

7. Can I get my prescriptions or other health supplies? Can I leave home to go to the pharmacy?
Yes. Drug stores and other medical supply stores can operate. If possible, you should have the drug store deliver your prescription medicine to your home.

8. Am I allowed to go to the grocery store, gas station or bank?
Yes, all those places are allowed to be open during this time. However, some place may have limited hours, services or be taking other precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

9. Can I still get deliveries from online stores? Can I order from online stores?
Yes. The mail and other delivery services to your home can continue to function, as well as food delivery services.
Yes, you can place orders from online stores. Businesses that deliver goods or services directly to residences are allowed to continue to operate.

10. Can I use public transport?
Yes, but only for essential travel. Public transit will continue to operate on a limited basis. When using public transport, you should stay six feet away from others and disinfect your hands before and after your ride.

11. Can I leave home to visit friends or family members?
No. For your safety and their safety, we need to help each other fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. The only exceptions are for those who are required to take care of elderly relatives, young children, those that have medical needs or pets. Always take extreme precautions when moving from place to place and interacting with others.

12. What about child custody agreements?
You are still able to keep with your normal arrangements. However, if the child is sick or has been exposed to sickness, consider allowing the child to stay in one place to keep the virus from spreading to other places.

13. Can car dealerships and real estate operate normally?
Yes. Car repair and maintenance can continue including new car sales.

Real estate businesses can operate as normal.