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Does the City of Lawson have a use tax?


The City of Lawson, MO previously adopted and has in force a use tax. The use tax rate for the City is currently 2 percent which is equal to the total local sales tax rate. The use tax applies to and impacts certain purchases from out-of-state vendors. A use tax is the equivalent of a sales tax on purchases made from out-of- state sellers by in-state buyers and on certain taxable business transactions.

The use tax rate is equal to the total local sales tax rate in effect in the City. If any local sales tax is repealed or the rate thereof is reduced or raised by voter approval, the local use tax rate shall also be deemed to be repealed, reduced, or raised by the same action repealing, reducing, or raising the local sales tax.

 I, Rhonda Nye Oulman, City Clerk for the City of Lawson, Missouri, do hereby certify that the foregoing is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct. Dated this 5th day of August 2021.

What hours is City Hall open?
City Hall is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5 pm

I am interested in applying for a job with the City of Lawson, what do I do?
You will need to fill out an application if available. Please ensure you meet the qualifications for the position you wish to be considered for. If you would like to include a resume, simply attach it to the completed application. You may mail or drop off the application at City Hall. Interviews will be scheduled accordingly. Visit our Human Resources page for more information.

Does the City of Lawson hire part time employees?
Yes, we do hire part time employees. Availability of these positions will be posted here when available.

What is the process for getting a building permit?
Take a moment to read all required information provided. Then print and fill out the building permit application form and return to city hall. Click here for a Residential Building Permit. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email (select Permits & Licenses).  We will be happy to help you.

How do I start trash service?
To start trash service, please call Redgate Disposal at 816-716-6265 or visit their website.

How do I dispose of my leaves and brush?
Grass clippings, leaves, brush and tree limbs less than 4 inches across may be taken to the City Maintenance Barn for disposal. TRASH, BUILDING MATERIAL AND JUNK MAY NOT BE DUMPED. THIS IS FOR CITY RESIDENTS ONLY. COMMERCIAL DISPOSAL IS PROHIBITED. Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am – 6 pm and sat-sun 9 am – 6 pm. City Maintenance Barn is located at 102 Kessler Drive, click here for map. After turning onto Kessler Drive, pass the drive to the brown house and enter through the second gate.

May I burn trash and leaves inside the city limits?
No, please contact City Hall if you have any questions.

What are the hours for the Community Library Media Center?
Click here for Community Library Media Center information.

How long does it take to get a library card?
Patrons who live in the Lawson School District fill out a library card application and are able to check out one book that same day for a two week loan period. With subsequent check outs patrons are allowed 10 books at a time for check outs.

Are electronic books available?
Yes — through the MOREnet subscription both fiction and nonfiction titles are available. The Librarians can assist with remotely using these resources.

What is the history of the Gazebo in the City Park?
City Park Gazebo was erected in memory of the dead and in honor of the living heros of Lawson who defended us in the World War.

Where do I go to vote?
Please confirm your voting location with your county election board, numbers below.

Ray County – 816-776-4502
Clay County – 816-415-8683

If Lawson is your voting location, the address is 103 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Lawson, MO 64062 in the David Blyth Community Room.

Absentee voting can start 6 weeks prior to election day. Example: November 7,2017 election – voting starts September 26, 2017. All ballots will count that are received up to the day before election (November 6, 2017).

Does Lawson have a curfew?
Yes. Children sixteen years old and younger can not be roaming without their parents between the hours of 11:00 PM to 6:00 Monday through Friday and 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

How many pets can I own inside the City limits?
City ordinance allows each household to own four animals but restricts these animals to four dogs, four cats, or a combination to the limit of four.

Do pets have to be registered with the City?
YES. Dogs and Cats are required to have a valid City animal license. Animal licenses must be renewed every July 1 for the upcoming year.

Does Lawson have a leash law?
Yes. Dogs AND Cats are required to be restrained at all times while outside. If the animal escapes and is roaming at large, the animal’s owner can be cited for the ordinance violation

There is a dog running loose in my neighborhood, who do I call?
The Lawson City Hall at 816-580-3217. City Hall will dispatch the City dog catcher during business hours. If the animal is dangerous, dial 911.

Can I keep an unlicensed vehicle at my house while I’m working on it?
No. Every vehicle, that is outside in a residential area, must display a current license plate AND must be currently operational. Operational means that the vehicle would be currently legal to operate on a roadway.

My neighbor’s yard is a mess, is there anything that can be done?
Yes. The City of Lawson has a number of nuisance ordinances which prohibits such things as tall weeds and grass, unlicensed or junk vehicles, old tires, or unused appliances and furniture.

When can we shoot fireworks in town?
Fireworks can be shot in town from 10:00 AM to Midnight on July 2-5. No bottle rockets or rockets of any type can be shot off in town.

Will the Police come to my house to keep the peace while I get some property during a divorce or separation?
Unfortunately, the Lawson Police does not currently have the manpower to assist in civil property disputes such as this. Contact an attorney to recovery property that you believe belongs to you. If a disturbance or a crime occurs, call 911 and the Police will resolve any criminal charges only.

I own a mini-motorcycle or moped. Can I operate them on the street in the City?
All mini-motorcycles or similar vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver wearing a motorcycle helmet. The vehicle must also meet other roadway standards, such as proper turn signals, head lights, and brake lights.

Can bicycles be ridden downtown in the business district?
Bicycles are prohibited on Pennsylvania Street between Third and Fifth Streets. This includes bicycles on sidewalks or being pushed by the operator.

I live just outside the City limits but I have a Lawson mailing address, can I call the Lawson Police for help?
No. The Lawson Police only has jurisdiction within the City of Lawson and can not respond to calls outside the City limits for that and other liability issues. Calls for assistance from outside the City should be directed to the local Sheriff’s Office.

If the City Lake closes at 10:00 PM can I still fish past closing time?
Yes, if you are actively fishing only. All other activities must end at 10:00 PM when the park closes and all non-fishers must leave the park area.

Can I camp out or build a fire at the City Lake?
Camping is only allowed at the Lakeview Campground and RV Park with reservations. Click here for more information.

Can I go swimming in the Lake?
No, swimming is prohibited at the City Lake.

Can I hunt at the City Lake?
No. Discharging firearms or launching any type of projectile is prohibited. This means that you can’t shoot arrows, BB’s or pellets, air soft guns, or sling shot projectiles inside the City.