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The City of Lawson operates under the Mayor-Council-Administrator form of government, whereby, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen adopt and amend the policies of the City. The City Administrator and City staff are responsible for carrying those policies out and implementing City programs. Under this form of government, the City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

In this position, the City Administrator:

  • supervises the general day-to-day operations of the City
  • is generally responsible for carrying out all the lawful policies established by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen
  • coordinating the activities of all departments and offices of the City
  • submitting the City’s annual budget for the approval of the Board of Aldermen
  • administering personnel programs for the City, including the appointment, promotion, or discharge of City employees
  • objective is to ensure fiscal responsibility in budgeting
  • planning and decision-making
  • to act responsibly as custodian of the public trust by following the prudent man rule of fiduciary responsibility

The City Administrator is responsible for all financial and accounting functions, cash management and investment, budget preparation and employee benefits. The City maintains its accounting records consistent with generally accepted accounting principles and presents the financial statements on the modified accrual basis of accounting. The accounts of the City are organized based on funds and account groups, each of which is considered a separate accounting entity. The operations of each fund are accounted for by means of a separate set of self-balancing accounts. The City Administrator is assisted in these duties by the City Clerk. Governmental resources are allocated and accounted for in the individual funds based upon the purpose for which they are to be spent. To comply with Missouri State Law, the City’s financial records are audited each year by an independent auditing firm.