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Year End 2022 Edition

I hope this edition finds you doing well and pray that all of you are healthy and looking toward a positive 2023. It feels as though 2022 went by quickly and though it is only January, it always feels as though the days and months are going by faster and faster.

In 2022, we have all seen the decline in Covid cases nationally and though I know it has impacted all of us in some fashion either directly or indirectly through family and/or friends that have gotten Covid, it feels as though it is in the rearview mirror. However, much like many past winters, we are seeing the impact of the normal cold and flu season. Please take care of your families and yourself and let’s stay healthy as we look toward the spring which is only a few months away.

I am extreme
ly excited about our future in Lawson as well as the future growth north of the river in 2023 and beyond. The city administrator, parks & rec, city council, and myself have all had a very busy and productive year in 2022 and believe that the next three years will see growth in many facets in Lawson. I want to personally thank all of you who helped Lawson continue to thrive in 2022 and I encourage each one of you to look for ways to help our community be clean, vibrant, and kind to one another. I also encourage you to be active in our community. It is through everyone’s efforts that our community will be a place that we can all be proud of. As quoted by our new Lawson superintendent of schools, “We are Lawson”. Thanks Mr. Stepheson and welcome to our community. We are glad to have you and your family here.

As we move into 2023, I first wanted to share some accomplishments for 2022.

The city staff applied for and received a $4,108,443 grant through the MODOT BRO grant program for the replacement of the North Raum railroad bridge. As many of you know, this is a project that we have been working on for years and is imperative for our growth out at City Lake. This is very exciting for so many reasons.
Entered into initial funding agreement with STAR Development for the purpose of building a grocery store. This project will tentatively begin construction in 2023. This was number three on the comprehensive plan priority list that you, the citizens of Lawson, stated was important to you.
Residential development is rumored to be on the horizon with some significant development opportunities on the south side of Lawson. This is number two on the comprehensive plan priority list.

Planning & zoning along with the city council approved Dollar General’s relocation and expansion on D Hwy. Construction to start in 2023 with a projected opening date in the early fall. This will be Dollar Generals new format with expanded grocery, refrigeration, and produce.

The city purchased the former Crossroads Baptist Church with the intention of developing a community center. The city and city council are working on securing funding for this project. This would be a community center for the entire community to use and would encompass many aspects of a true community center. Drop by city hall and look at the proposed rendering. It will be a community center to be proud of in Lawson.

Completed storm water drainage project on Milwaukee Street using bond funds. This project has been attempted multiple times over the last 30 years. I am sure the residents near Milwaukee are pleased with the results.

Completed engineering of Nolker Drive/Cardinal Circle drainage project. Working to secure funding in 2023 for this project.

Completed preliminary engineering for Salem Road extension. Working to secure funding in 2023. This would help to spur additional residential development as well as providing another north / south thoroughfare for Lawson residents.

Partnered with Missouri American Water to complete reshaping of drainage on south side of Santa Fe Street.

Worked with Stephanie Weber and Melissa Sterner to start the Golden Cardinals program for the senior citizens of our community. A big thank you to both women for taking the leadership in developing this program for seniors.

Lawson Community Foundation, in partnership with the Park Board began fundraising efforts by hosting the first annual Piccadilly Ladies Event.
These funds are to be used as matching funds for the Inclusive Playground in the City Park. A men’s event is scheduled for 2023 as well as the second annual Piccadilly.
The public works department made significant improvements to the trail system at Lawson City Lake by clearing brush and improving visibility along the trails and roads. If you have not been out to the lake lately, I encourage you to come out and enjoy the improvements.
The parks and recreation along with public works built a new bridge at the north end of the lake property. A nice improvement from what was there before.

The city planted trees along North Raum to provide a natural barrier for the campers and the lake on the east side of N Raum.

Improved lighting at the city pool by installing light poles. This improved the safety of night swimming events.

Through bond funds, the city has repaired multiple drainage issues around the community where maintenance had been delayed in the past.

Replaced and upgraded incar and body cameras for the police department through grant funding. This will help to ensure our officers and our community are safe.

Received MODOT grant to replace 4 handheld radar units totaling $8,000.

Installed video surveillance in city park to protect splash pad and other park facilities. Vandalism has been a challenge and I would hope that if anyone were to see any kind of vandalism or hear of such an act that they would report it to city hall and/or the police department.

Built new evidence lockup facility at Police Department.

As you can see it was
a very busy year in 2022 with many plans for 2023. I am very excited to see all the efforts over the past several years begin to pay off with so much upside for the future. We should all be proud of our community.

The city staff, council, and myself rem
ain focused on sustainable growth for our community.

The future looks very bright, and I am proud to be your

Happy New Year!

Upcoming Important Dates:

City Council Meeting January 23rd 6:30 PM City Hall

Your Mayor,
Greg Taylor